PEX is a material used in building plumbing and hydronic heating systems. It was designed to replace older systems made of metal, which can be heavy and expensive. PEX is a form of polyethylene with cross-links initially designed to be used under 30 psi, but it was later determined to be safe to use up to 125 psi.

1. It Can Break If the System Is Overpressurized

The main issue with PEX is that it can break if the system is put under too much pressure and the temperature gets too high. There are three breaking points.

  • Brittle failure point
  • Ductile failure point
  • Catastrophic failure point

Even though they have different pressure limits, they all have the same temperature limit (110 degrees Fahrenheit).

Throughout the year, extensive warnings are made in our media about PEX. It’s not something to overlook lightly, and it needs to be taken seriously.

2. It Breaks Easily and Quickly

There are many troubles for PEX, as it breaks easily and quickly. The reason for this is because of its chemical makeup. It’s mostly made of polyethylene, a pliable plastic, but it also has additives. According to the EPA, “The additives in PEX are typically a combination of chlorine and bromine which are added for anti-microbial properties. These additions provide some protection from bacteria developing in the water system. The effects of these added chemicals present a health concern, especially when PEX piping is used to supply water to domestic uses such as drinking water.”

3. Its Components Make a Breeding Place for Bacteria

Another problem with PEX is that its components make it a breeding place for bacteria. The toxic additives in the pipe will cause bacteria growth to accelerate at an alarming rate. This could cause severe problems in the plumbing within your home.

The pipe can also be manufactured improperly, and that will give you nothing but problems later on.

4. It Does Not Last Nearly as Long as Metal Pipe

A fundamental problem is that PEX does not last nearly as long as metal pipes, and it costs more. If you’re considering using PEX pipe, you’re better off hiring a plumber from S & D Plumbing who has extensive training in plumbing made from metal pipes. If you don’t know how to install PEX properly, it won’t hold up over time. It’s been determined that PEX will break down, crack, or stick in about eight years and require complete replacement. On the other hand, a metal pipe can last up to 120 years if properly installed by an expert plumber. This is a huge difference when you think of the price PEX will cost you over time compared to metal plumbing.

5. It Can Cause Leaking or Burst in Extreme Temperatures

Another thing about PEX is that it can cause leaking or burst in extreme temperatures. This is the same problem with plastic pipes. The PEX can melt between 113 degrees and 424 degrees Fahrenheit and will release toxins into your home’s water supply.

One of the worst things that can happen is that it will release toxic gases into your home if it ruptures. Even though you will hear all of the warnings on TV before you make a decision, this is another thing that you need to think about. You want plumbing in your home that will last for a long time and not cause health concerns for those who live there.

6. It Is Made of Hazardous Materials

PEX tubing is made of both plastic and metal. It is a plastic material that has been known to contain hazardous materials. The reason that you need to know this is that the materials used to make PEX piping can leach into the water supply. Once they do, they will cause a hazard in your home. Studies have shown the hazardous effects of using PEX pipes for your plumbing needs. This is the most common plumbing material in homes that are built, and it’s something that you need to think about. The leaching chemicals can affect your health, and they’ll last in your home forever if you don’t do anything about it.

7. It Can Leak Toxins Into Your Water Supply

The chemicals from PEX pipe can also leak into your water supply when there’s a rupture. This can cause severe health problems for those living in the home. Your pipes can also get damaged from this, which can cause you to spend a lot of money fixing and maintaining them over time. Nevertheless, many people ignore the warnings made on the news, or in the media, about PEX pipe. They don’t take these warnings or anything they hear seriously.

8. It’s Much More Difficult to Repair Than Standard Metal Plumbing

Another significant issue is that PEX pipes are much more difficult to repair. This is because they’re not made of metal, which can be fixed with a simple pipe wrench and a soldering iron. You’re going to have to get to the inside of the pipe to do any repairs on it. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could cause further damage and make it worse than when you started. This is why you always need to hire a professional plumber from S & D Plumbing when repairing PEX piping.

9. It Can Cause Major Problems With Water Pressure

Yet another issue with PEX pipes is that they can cause significant problems with water pressure. You need to be aware of this when deciding whether to use a PEX pipe. The main reason is that PEX doesn’t age well, and it could eventually freeze. The freezing of water inside these pipes is even worse than it would be in a typical plumbing disaster. It can cause significant problems with your plumbing system and prevent people from using their entire water supply at one time. That can be a huge obstacle if you’re in a home where everyone needs access to that water supply simultaneously.

10. It Doesn’t Hold Up Over Time

As you can see, the main thing about PEX piping is that it doesn’t hold up over the long run. When you use this in your plumbing system, there are some major health concerns. It will not last nearly as long as metal pipes, and that deficit can cause significant problems for your plumbing needs. The leaching chemicals from the pipe will also cause a problem that could affect those who live in your home. These chemicals can cause damage to anyone using PEX pipes. It’s definitely something you ought to think about if you’re considering putting them into your residence.

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