The end of summer is in sight, and while it may not seem like it, fall is right around the corner! While you’re soaking up as much summer fun as possible, your friendly neighborhood plumbers decided it would be helpful to make a list of some of the chores you should complete before the end of the season.

Check For Leaks

The last thing anyone wants to need after coming home from a summer trip is to deal with a flooded home. Whether you’re preparing for one last vacation or simply want to get, a head start on your autumn home checklist, checking your plumbing for leaks can protect your home from water damage and save you from a massive future headache!

To look for leaks, check all water sources such as outdoor faucets, taps, sinks, etc., for moisture around the base. If you see a spike in your water bills, you could have a hidden leak. Contact our team to help you locate and fix these.

Drain and Flush the Water Heater

Draining and flushing a traditional water heater’s tank is the best way to protect your home and appliance from damage. Drin the tank at least once every year to keep your water bills low and your water hot!

Clear the Drains

Slow clearing drains and recurring clogs can indicate a problem in either your plumbing or sewer line. Fall and winter can add a massive strain on your plumbing system. Rich foods made with heavy creams, meat, and starches are more likely to clog your garbage disposal. Plus, if you plan to host any holiday gatherings for friends and family, your plumbing is likely going to see a lot more use than it does during almost any other time of year.

While turning to chemical drain cleaners may seem like the easier option, the harsh chemicals used to break down clogs will also break down your plumbing over time. Contact the plumbing professionals at S & D Plumbing online or by phone to schedule a drain cleaning or sewer inspection to keep your home in the clear this season and next!

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