Though we may not be getting freezing temperatures, it’s always good to be top of mind on these aspects during winter.

It pays to winterize your home to withstand the freezing temperatures that arrive every year. The good news is that not only will certain actions help you winterize your home, making it warmer, they’ll also help you save enormously on your energy costs.

There’s nothing wrong with saving money while being toasty warm!

Make no mistake, heating your Austin home during the winter months is a major expense that can be reduced through careful planning and the proper execution of a winterization plan.

You’ll be glad you did when the temperatures hit sub-zero.

Stop the Drafts

There’s no point underestimating the most effective strategy of all when it comes to winterizing an Austin home. Drafts are the enemy of warmness.

Cold drafts find their way in through windows and doors and any other opening that’s large enough. You need to locate these drafts and block them. This is a relatively simple process that will not cost you too much in time or money.

Replace the Filter in Your Furnace

There’s no reason to neglect this simple tactic. Your filter will become clogged over time, rendering it ineffective for producing heat.

Replace the filter and you’ll experience an instant boost in your heater’s ability to heat the house. You’ll also notice a reduction in costs because a more efficient heater costs less than one that’s not efficient.

Winterize any Air Conditioning or Water Lines

Winterizing exposed lines makes a huge difference. Winterizing water lines can also help you avoid dealing with a major expense in frozen lines.

Pooled water causes numerous issues during the winter so make sure to have this done before winter rolls around.

Flip the Direction of Your Fan

If you have any fans or ceiling fans, have them go counterclockwise. This keeps warm air in the room, increasing the overall temperature.

The best part about this tactic is how easy it is to do. Simply flip them around and begin saving. This winter will be the cheapest on record for you to heat.

Turn the Temperature Down on Your Water Heater

This simple movement can save you some money during the winter season. This is an incredibly simple change to make and it will save you 6 to 10% on your electrical bills.

Every little bit helps and this move will only take a few minutes to complete.

Winter is almost upon us in the Austin, TX area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call S & D Plumbing today!

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