Today I’m the special guest on the latest episode of Scorpion Media’s YouTube series, “Get to Work.” First, I show co-hosts, Michael and Jill, what a day in the life of an investigative plumber looks like. After that, we head back to Scorpion Studios where I talk a little about the history of S&D Plumbing and what the future holds for us.

For your convenience, I’ve provided timestamps of the episode so you can jump ahead to specific points at your leisure:

00:30—The team arrives in Austin

02:00—Heading to our “mystery” job

03:01—Snaking the home’s drain pipe

04:20—Inspecting the home’s underground tunnels

06:31—Knocking down the cast iron pipes

08:54—Visiting my ranch home and testing the crew’s archery skills

11:33—My interview at Scorpion Studios

12:45—How S&D Plumbing got started

14:08—How we invest in the technology we use

16:55—Our plan to open a plumbing school

17:53—How we ensure our staff provides top-quality service

19:18—Leaving a legacy

20:01—The crew makes a surprise parting gift for me

If you have any questions about this segment or you have any plumbing needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.


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