The first sign that indicates you should replace a sump pump is if it is a pedestal-style pump. This model was an earlier version of the newly designed sump pumps people generally use today and are now considered antique. These types of sump pumps are noisy, can easily tip over, and are nowhere near sturdy. So do yourself a big favor and replace your sump pump if you have this type of model.

Another sign that a sump pump is headed for a replacement is if a sump pump tends to go off and on quite frequently. If a sump pump turns off and on frequently that may be an indication that the basin of the sump pump is too small to handle the amount of water it is holding. This causes the water level to rise more quickly than normal. Therefore replacement is in need since this malfunction can cause a frequent problem with the functioning of the sump pump.

Along with older models and frequently going on and off another indication that a sump pump needs to be replaced is if it begins to run for long time periods. If a sump pump begins to frequently run for long periods of time this can be an indication that the sump pump does not have enough power for the level of water it holds or the distance to pump the water. Therefore not having enough capacity for either function can cause a sump pump to go on and off and not work properly.

Another indication that a sump pump needs replacement is if it makes tons of noise. If a sump pump constantly is making rattling or grinding noises it is time for a replacement. Constant rattling and grinding indicate that something is jammed and the impeller does not function anymore.

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