Most people do not do preventative maintenance on their plumbing. Many simply wait until the sink is clogged and dump some chemical solution down the drain to try and break up the clog. Those chemicals can cause more damage than you are aware of. Here are a few excellent reasons why you should avoid using chemical drain cleaning solutions to unclog your drain.

Those chemical cleaners are not good for the environment. The residue left in the bottle goes to the landfills and eventually winds up in the soil. Once it seeps through the soil it eventually ends up in the water, poisoning local fish and wildlife, and getting into the water that you eventually drink.

Chemicals used in drain cleaners are toxic to pets and your family’s health too. Inhaling those fumes could potentially irritate your nose, throat, and eyes. Many children with sensitive skin or allergies are extremely sensitive to the toxic fumes these cleaners produce.

The chemicals can also do damage to the pipes that they are cleaning. The main ingredient in many liquid cleaners is hydrochloric acid. This acid can eat away at enamel-finished sinks or bathtubs, causing you to have to refinish or replace those fixtures at a pretty costly price. This acid also sits in the pipe long after the clog is gone, and unless your pipes are metal, expect additional wear as it sits there.

Purchasing a snake or a plunger from your local hardware store may cost a little more now, but you can use this tool over and over again with zero risk to your pipes or your family. The cost of those chemical solutions usually is good for one or two treatments, and many times the solution simply isn’t strong enough to break away years’ worth of neglect in the drain.

While the overall cost of the chemical cleaner may seem small at first, take into account the damage to your plumbing, your family, and the environment. Call a professional plumber who can address the issue quickly without needing any chemicals to do the job right. Are you in need of a drain cleaning in the Austin area? Contact S & D Plumbing
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