We all like to save a little money, but sometimes, it’s just best to call in the professionals.

Plumbing is one of those areas of home maintenance that very few of us are equipped to tackle, and even fewer of us actually enjoy doing.

When plumbing problems are taken on by those who lack the expertise to fix them correctly, the result is often a disaster. Three common examples of such a scenario are given below.

It Was Just a Leaky Faucet

Those determined to hurry up and eliminate that noisy, water-wasting leak sometimes would have done well to call in a plumber.

Besides using the right tools and shutting off the water first, wrong identification of the leak source is a potential problem.

Water can squeeze out in one spot and then travel, almost invisibly, to another spot from which it drips down. This could lead to one, dismantling the wrong fixture. Even if the leak is successfully located, it is also easy to accidentally cut the pipe too short.

In that case, a new piece of matching pipe may need to be soldered on. Needless to say, this creates a lot of mess, hassle, and expense.

A Single Handle Shower Faucet

A malfunctioning shower faucet/head can rob you of that pleasant morning water massage and leave you anxious to find a quick fix.

There can be complications, however, to a wrong fix, and it may be best to find a professional plumber. For older models, the original parts may no longer exist or may be extraordinarily difficult to find.

This means that careful measurements must be taken in order to find an adequate match. It is easy to mismeasure by a millimeter or two, and that could be all it takes to ruin your DIY repair job.

In fact, even a mismatched washer can lead to a leak, so it is best to rely on time-tested experience when you are faced with a plumbing repair task.

Thawing and Replacing Frozen Pipes

When, in colder climates, one allows the indoor temperature to sink below about 55 degrees, there is a danger of the pipes freezing.

Once this unfortunate situation has come about, it is good to call in a plumber to assess the damage and to avoid further damage.

For example, if one does not open the faucet nearest to the frozen piping, the water will not be able to drip out as it thaws.

That could lead to further damage. If one starts tearing out old pipes, even greater problems are likely to occur.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of S&D Plumbing for service in the Austin area!

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