DIY plumbing projects are a great way for a homeowner to save money. But they can also be the cause of costly problems. Some plumbing projects are best performed by a licensed plumber. Choosing a plumber for these projects can help to ensure safety and less damage being done to the home.

Broken or Leaking Pipes: Broken or leaking pipes may seem like an easy project but looks can be deceiving. A DIY individual may be able to check for leaks and broken pipes in areas that are easily visible, such as under the sink. But what about the areas that are not easily visible such as behind a wall, under the home, or in the ground. A DIY person may feel like they are able to repair a broken or leaking pipe, but they could cause the situation to get worse. Their inexperience makes him or her prone to more pipes being broken or leaking. Replacing a broken or leaking pipe incorrectly can cause other pipes to have increased pressure. Increased pressure can easily lead to more pipes leaking or bursting.

Water Heaters: Water heater maintenance should be left to licensed professionals because of a couple of factors. Water heaters can collect sediment, which is a substance that can cause many problems for the function ability of the water heater. Seeking a professional to flush out the sediment can guarantee that the water heater is thoroughly flushed. Also, recruiting a professional for one’s water heater maintenance can prevent safety issues from occurring. The water heater is an electrical device that involves heating water. A person that is not licensed could easily get burned or receive some type of electrical shock when trying to maintain the water heater his or herself.

Blocked Drains: A plunger can help resolve a blocked drain or can it. A plunger is able to remove the blockage that will help a drain to go down. It does not guarantee that the entire blockage is being removed. The remaining blockage can accumulate over time causing water to back up in the home. This water can cause damage to walls, floors, and even furniture.

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