If you own a home, chances are you have a sump pump installed in your basement. Most people don’t think much of it until they find that the sump pump is not working properly. Unfortunately, that does not happen until it’s too late, so having regular maintenance done on your sump pump can save you a lot of money in the long run. Most people don’t notice they have a problem until their basement starts flooding. Here are some signs to look for if your sump pump might need maintenance. First of all, if you happen to smell a bad odor it could be coming from your sump pump. Mold and mildew can build up very fast causing a lot of damage to your basement. The mold that is hiding behind the drywall in your basement can cause a lot of damage, not to mention health risks to the people living in the home. Very often the vents or system seals need to be cleaned out or even replaced. If you smell a bad odor, be sure to call your plumber right away to avoid costly repairs.
If you hear strange or loud noises coming from your sump pump that is a very good sign that something is wrong. A loud noise means that you may be having some mechanical problems or that your system could be jammed up or clogged up. Sump pumps should be quiet and run smoothly. Again call your plumber as soon as you can to get the sump pump looked at.

If your basement starts flooding there is a good chance that your sump pump is not working correctly. A sump pump is designed to keep water from coming into your basement. If your sump pump does not have a backup battery, there could be a major problem if the sump pump were to go out in the middle of a rainstorm. This is the time you really need your sump pump to work, so consider buying a sump pump with a backup battery.

If your sump pump does not work right, go buy a new one. It is not worth letting your basement flood out and causes major damage to your entire home. Sump pumps are relatively cheap and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Purchase a sump pump today from any reputable dealer or plumber.

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