Risking garbage disposal installation and repair on one’s own can lead to a variety of problems. Faulty wiring can cause unfortunate accidents, constant circuit breaker tripping, or even a fire. Loose plumbing collections can even cause water damage and mold growth in the temperate climate of Austin. The best course of action is to ensure that your home is well taken care of by a qualified plumbing service.

To know what is expected from a high-quality plumber in Austin, it is essential to understand what they will be doing during an installation or repair of a garbage disposal system.

Garbage Disposal Insallation

In an installation of a garbage disposal system, a number of tools are required to successfully and safely install the unit. If working with a faulty or old disposal system, knowledge of how to properly remove the system is a key requirement to have a smooth installation. First-time installations require having the skills needed to modify or install a sink basin and make all of the fittings flush to prevent leaks and sit perfectly together when put in place. Having the experience to troubleshoot problems on the fly can also speed up the successful installation of a new garbage disposal unit.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Repair of a garbage disposal unit is not an easy matter and can potentially become a safety hazard to inexperienced homeowners. It is easy to lose one or more fingers or cause even more self-damage when attempting to do so yourself. Knowing whether the system is simply clogged or a major problem with the system’s motor can be the difference between wasting time and proper troubleshooting for repair. Plumbers always carry the necessary tools for their trade and will be able to unclog units, diagnose problems with the power supply, properly stop leaking, disassemble and reassemble systems and get it all working again. Many other problems with the system can also be assessed and worked upon by the skilled tradesmen in this occupation.

You Can Rely on Our Years of Experience!

One such qualified company which can provide immediate installation service and repair is S and D Plumbing who has been in the plumbing business since 1980. S & D Plumbing is family-owned and operated with an experienced team of highly qualified plumbing staff who are ready to get to work on any of your garbage disposal installation or repair needs.

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