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    Garbage Disposal Services in AustinAt S & D Plumbing, we proudly offer comprehensive garbage disposal services in Austin and throughout the surrounding areas. Whether you need new disposal installation or repairs, you can rely on our team of friendly, knowledgeable technicians.

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    Common Garbage Disposal Problems & Solutions

    There are some issues that can arise with regular garbage disposal use. Like any mechanism, garbage disposals are subject to routine wear and tear. They may also become damaged when unsuitable items fall into them and cause damage.

    Be mindful of these common garbage disposal issues:

    • Disposal does not turn on — We can determine why this has happened, reset the disposal, check the circuit breaker box, or replace the disposal if the motor no longer works.
    • Jams — The disposal may become jammed with food or other items. We can clear jams and help customers know what they should not put down their disposals.
    • Unusual noises — The unit might make noises such as whirring or clicking. Once again, the motor may need to be replaced, or we may need to tighten or replace screws, bearings, lugs, or blades.
    • Leaks — The disposal may leak into the cupboard area below the sink, leading to potential water damage and other issues.
    • Humming noise — The disposal may only make a humming noise when the switch is flipped. This might be an indicator of a clog in the pipe or in the flywheel that we can safely remove.

    Should You Repair Or Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

    Should You Repair Or Replace Your Garbage Disposal?More often than not, an improperly functioning garbage disposal will only need a repair, such as a new seal or new bearings. Many problems can be fixed by a simple call to S & D Plumbing; we can send a professional out to clear out clogs and repair jammed blades. In addition, if a problem is repaired as soon as it is first noticed, it may not require more costly repairs in the future.

    However, because a garbage disposal is only expected to last between 10 to 12 years, a replacement will eventually be necessary. This is especially true for disposals that are used frequently because their blades will quickly become dull. Another time that a replacement will be necessary is when the motor stops functioning altogether.

    Easy Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

    Easy Garbage Disposal Maintenance TipsFirst, individuals should never put non-food items down their disposals because these can become stuck on the blades and clog the pipes. Second, the disposal blades can be cleansed by running lemon or other citrus peels through the disposal regularly to create a pleasing aroma.

    In addition, only small items should be put through the disposal because larger pieces may become stuck, clogging the drain. Large items, such as whole fruits or vegetables, should be cut into several smaller pieces before putting them down the disposal.

    Cooking oil and other greases should never be put down the garbage disposal because they can impede the blades. Lastly, cold water should be running when the garbage disposal is on and should continue to run for 30 seconds after the disposal is turned off to ensure that all food particles have been rinsed through the pipes.

    Call S & D Plumbing For Comprehensive Garbage Dispsoal Services

    Call S & D Plumbing For Comprehensive Garbage Dispsoal ServicesIf you’re dealing with an improperly working garbage disposal, contact our skilled team of technicians for fast, reliable assistance. We have more than 40 years of experience in the industry and can complete any necessary repairs, installations, or maintenance services your disposal may require. We offer honest, upfront pricing and 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed!

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