Do you know what hard water is? If you do know what it is, do you know if your home has it? You may not, but keep reading to learn more about hard water and the effect it can have on your home.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water with a higher than usual mineral content; this is usually a result of minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulating in the water throughout the water cycle. It can occur in well water and even city water. While there are no adverse effects of drinking hard water, it can have a negative impact on your home.

How Does it Affect me?

As we said before, drinking hard water won’t hurt you; the only effect it will have on you physically is the drying effect it has on your skin and hair which can be very frustrating.

Aside from dry skin and hair, some of the other signs of hard water include:

  • Mineral stains in the sink, bathtub, and toilet bowl
  • The buildup of minerals on faucets, showerheads, and toilets
  • Spots or cloudiness on dishes, and shower doors
  • Clothing that quickly loses vibrancy after washing

As you can see, one of the main problems with hard water is the mineral buildup it leaves on your water appliances, which can eventually become more than an aesthetic issue. All of the minerals begin to build upon the opening of the faucet enough that water has a harder time flowing from the sink, shower, etc. This can lead to higher water bills over time since your appliances have to work so much harder to get water through.

What Can I Do to Fix it?

One option for eliminating hard water from your home is by installing a home water softener system. How water softeners work can get a bit technical, it’s a process that is referred to as ion exchange, and it uses the negative charges of polystyrene beads and the positive charge of the calcium and magnesium to cleanse the water of the minerals.

Some of the benefits of installing a water softener system include:

  • Decreased hard water deposits throughout your home
  • Improved cleanliness of dishes
  • Money saved with increased efficiency of soap and detergent
  • Softer, brighter, and cleaner fabrics after washing

If you have more questions about water softener systems, how they work, and how they can benefit your home, don’t hesitate to call the experts at S & D Plumbing!

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