Plumbing emergencies can strike at any time, so it’s important to be prepared. Knowing how to react in this situation can help minimize further damage to your home’s plumbing system, as well as damage to your property and belongings. Here are some things you should know about how to handle a plumbing emergency.

Don’t Panic: Although your first instinct may be to panic, it will only make things worse. Calm down and take a deep breath. A clear head and cool demeanor will help you respond to the emergency in a timely and appropriate manner. There’s also a possibility that the situation may not be as serious as it appears.

Find the Shutoff: Long before a plumbing emergency ever occurs, you should educate yourself on where your home’s main water shutoff is located. In the case of burst pipes, broken valves, or other things that could flood your house with water, knowing where to find the shutoff can help prevent a lot of additional damage. If your particular emergency calls for it, turn off the main water supply as quickly as possible. If the problem is more isolated, such as a leak under the kitchen sink or an overflowing toilet, you don’t need to shut off the water to your entire home. Instead, look for shutoff valves located either behind or underneath.

Call a Plumber: As soon as the water flow is under control, don’t waste any time giving us a call. These emergencies must be dealt with swiftly by someone who knows what they’re doing. We’ll do our best to fix the problem in a timely fashion so you can get back to your normal daily routine.

Begin Damage Control: While you wait for our professionals to arrive, start performing damage control. The longer water is left to sit, the more damage it will do to your property. Gather as many towels and other absorbent materials as you can find and soak up any puddles. To help dry things out, run a fan over the affected area. However, you should be cautious to avoid placing it in a spot that could present an electrical hazard.

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