If your sink has low water pressure, here’s how you fix the problem.

If your sink has low water pressure, there are two things you can do to fix the problem: clean the aerator or replace it.

The aerator is the part that’s attached to the tip of the faucet. It controls the water flow through the faucet and ensures it’s dispersed evenly around the exit point.

If you can’t clean the aerator and you need to replace it, you can buy a new one at any hardware store. Make sure you buy one that’s the same diameter as the one that needs replacing, though. At 0:48 in the video above, you can watch as I demonstrate this process.

First, turn the aerator clockwise to unscrew it. Depending on how tight it’s already screwed on, you can do this by hand or with a pair of pliers. If you need to use pliers, be careful that you don’t scratch the chrome.

“If you Can’t Clean the Aerator and you Need to Replace it, You Can Buy a New One Anytime at Any Hardware Store.”

After it’s unscrewed, turn on the faucet and flush away any excess calcium deposits. After that’s done, simply attach the new aerator. If you turn the faucet back on and there aren’t any leaks above the rim, you’re good to go.

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