Today I wanted to talk to you about a common mistake made with toilets that can cause a major issue for homeowners.

Not too long ago, I went on a service call to a two-story house that was flooded. While the owners were out of town, the toilet started leaking and came down through the second story. After some investigation, I discovered that their toilet tank had been leaking.

This is a pretty serious thing that happens frequently. The blue tabs that you can drop in your toilet tank to keep the bowl clean with each flush can actually cause a lot of harm.

“To Avoid Disaster, Don’t Use The Chemical Tabs You Can Put in Your Tank.”
The tabs contain a chemical that sits in your tank and eats away at the plastic components that sit in your toilet tank. If you let it sit for too long, then the components become compromised and can cause major damage, ultimately leading to leaks.

If you have one of these tabs in your tank, my recommendation is to take it out and clean out the tank so you can avoid a disaster like the one I recently saw.

If you have any other questions about this topic, please give me a call. I’d be happy to help!


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