Your Austin toilets always have to be cleaned, and some will set a schedule to clean the toilet every week or maybe every other week. Toilets that have cleaning technology will choose how it cleans themselves, but the good thing is that it can clean themselves, and there is no need to have a person go and clean the toilet at all.

There are toilets with flush cleaning technology, which means that a powerful flush will not only get rid of the waste but also clean the toilet. It’s possible for this technology to clean the toilet after every single time it’s used, and this helps to keep the toilet clean and avoids the need for manual cleaning.

Massaging Seat

Many like to sit down in as comfortable a seat as possible, even if it’s just a toilet seat. It’s obvious that people like comfort when it comes to a toilet because there are cushioned toilet seats that are softer and more comfortable to sit on.

A massaging toilet seat can also be very comfortable, especially if it’s giving a message to the person who’s sitting on it. These seats are made to be therapeutic, but some who use the massaging capabilities of the toilet seat may simply want to feel good while they are going to the bathroom. A massaging seat may even be able to help someone go to the bathroom easier.


Instead of simply having lights in the bathroom, there are now toilets with their own lighting system. Some toilets will have lighting in the toilet bowl, and once the toilet lid is lifted, then the light can be seen. Other toilets may have lights on the toilet themselves, which is a great way to guide the person towards the toilet in the dark.

Cncentrated Water Nozzel

Toilets with water nozzles will have their own purpose, but a concentrated water nozzle may be used to aim directly at the anus to help the person use the bathroom. These nozzles are great for anyone who has had constipation problems or other problems going to the bathroom, and they’ve been proven to be a big help for some people.

Sef-Sterlizing Nozzel

Any water nozzle in your Austin toilet is going to eventually accumulate germs, so self-sterilizing nozzles are great for those who don’t want to have to clean the nozzles manually.

Upgrading to a new toilet can be done by calling S & D Plumbing in Austin, TX.


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