When it comes to home maintenance, most people are hesitant to admit they know little about how their Austin home actually works. This is especially true with the plumbing system, which few people are able to do much with due to a lack of knowledge.

As a result of this way of thinking, there are many plumbing myths that seem to get passed down from one generation to another.

When this happens, many plumbing issues that may begin as minor ones can turn into much larger and more expensive problems.

To find out if one of your Austin home plumbing myths made the cut, take a look at some of the most popular ones below.

Lemons in The Disposal

For people who use a lemon to clean their garbage disposal thinking they’re giving it a thorough cleaning job, the sad fact is they’re doing nothing more than giving it a lemon-fresh smell.

To clean garbage disposal properly, it’s recommended that a cleaning solution of warm water and soap be used. After a few squirts and about 10 minutes of letting it work its magic, cleaning with a scrub brush will produce great results.

All Plumbing Requires No Maintenance

One of the most popular myths people have about plumbing is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. However, that’s not the case. Pipes, drains, fixtures, toilets, and more all need regular maintenance to stay in top shape. Along with this, many people use hand soap to clean their fixtures, which is also a mistake.

Rather than cleaning the fixtures, it often damages the finish. To avoid this, use a cleaner specifically made for brass or other fixture surfaces that will keep it looking as good as new.

Water Down the Drain

For people who use garbage disposals, many of them think anything can be disposed of with no problem. Unfortunately, when cigarettes, paper trash, metal cans, and more are put at their disposal, all that happens are gears, blades, and motors getting torn up.

In many cases the disposal is beyond repair, resulting in the expense of new disposal that must be bought and installed. On a related note, many of these same people never stop to think about what is going down their drains.

However, chances are if plenty of trash and other items are finding their way down the drain, clogs will eventually form no matter how much water goes down the drain.

Don’t make uneducated assumptions about your Austin, TX home plumbing system. Call S&D Plumbing for the quality you deserve.


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