Slab leaks are a very common problem. They usually occur when the water piping that is in buried into the slab becomes pinched or eroded causing a leak to occur. The leak may start out very slowly but it intensifies the longer it takes to deal with the problem that will involve digging into the floor where the leaky pipe will be. The digging is usually a tough job and the repair may only last for a short time. Another option that many people will use is to run copper tubing to bypass the place which has the leak and to reattach the pipe in order to skip over the section that is leaking. This method will be a lot less work, you will not have to deal with the problem again in the future and you will not have a hole in the floor to repair.

Since the leak typically occurs in the hot water line the leak will usually be noted by the floor getting warmer at the leak location. By going back to the hot water tank you will find the hot water line that will have a starting point where the copper line connects to the tank and outward from there into the house. In order to make the repair, a new section of copper tubing is attached to the water line before the leak, bypasses the leak, and connects again after the leak.

When done correctly the work will be almost hidden and the repair will be complete. This will produce a long time solution to the problem at the point of the leak repair and should be done by a person who professionally performs this type of work. There should be a very short time with the water shut off until the connection of the water line bypass is accomplished.

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