There are many tips a homeowner or property manager may use on their home to prevent a pipe from bursting. Normally, pipes burst in the winter months if they happen to freeze; however, pipes may also burst from other situations ranging from issues with home appliances or even concerns with insulating materials or cracks and crevices around the home.

Although there is generally preparation work and time spent preparing pipes to prevent them from breaking, it is well worth the investment of time and materials. The costs, as well as time spent cleaning up a mess from a broken pipe, are not fun. Alongside the mess it can make in a home, it is difficult to repair piping once it has been broken and it typically needs to be replaced which can take a long time to do.

Tips for Preventing Pipe Bursts

Tips for preventing a pipe burst include insulating the pipes, checking for cold drafts of air around piping as well as allowing warm air to reach the pipes in the winter months. It is also beneficial to perform safety checks on home appliances that have a water connection. It is important to verify that the hoses are not crimped so they do not inhibit a backflow into the piping. Pipes around the home may be prepared by using foam insulators secured with duct tape. When pipes are being prepared around the home, it is also important to check for any cold air drafts so that any holes or crevices may be patched using an insulating material.

If the owner is ever to leave for a time period, it is a good idea that they have friends or relatives check up on their home in case a problem ever arises. Using good judgment and thoroughly preparing pipes around the home will help to prevent pipes from bursting in and out of the home.

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