An Odd, Unpleasant Smell

If you begin to notice an odd, unpleasant smell around areas where water is used (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), then that is a sure sign that you have a possible water leak.

A good way to describe the smell is by comparing it to water that has sat for a long period of time and has “stagnated”.

If you notice this smell, or a musty, moldy smell, you need to check all possible sources for a water leak.

Be sure to check beneath kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as these are usually the first places a water leak is detected.

By resolving the problem quickly, you can spare yourself the additional heartache of such issues as mold, ruined cabinets, and unusable cookware, towels, washcloths, and dish towels.

Wet Carpet and Buckling Wood Floors

If you suddenly notice wet spots on your carpet or carpet that are soaked to the padding, this is another sign of a possible water leak somewhere in your Austin home. If your floors aren’t carpeted and begin buckling, this is also another warning sign of a possible water leak.

By knowing the layout of the water piping system in your home, you will be able to detect the source of any such water leaks more easily.

If your bathroom is carpeted, or if any carpet in your home becomes compromised due to a water leak, it is imperative to detect the source of the water leak as quickly as possible to prevent foul odors, ruined carpet, and possible health hazards.

A Musty, Moldy Smell That Pervades Your Home

If you notice a musty, moldy smell throughout your home, you may have a water leak beneath your home that has compromised your Austin home’s foundation.

If your home has a crawlspace underneath with a ground cover, a water leak will provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which in turn can cause serious health hazards for your entire family.

If your home’s foundation is comprised of wood or other malleable material, it is imperative to detect the water leak and stop it at its source before irreparable damage is done to your home’s foundation.

Failure to do so can result in dangerous living conditions as well as costly repairs.

Are you submerged underwater in your Austin, TX home? Call S & D Plumbing today, and get your water leak repaired.

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