Our bathroom routine is essential to our day, and if bathroom fixtures like the shower have drainage issues, it can present a significant issue! It can also pose sanitary concerns. Unfortunately, this is a common plumbing problem. At S & D Plumbing, we are experienced plumbers and know how to fix issues like this when they arise. Learn about why shower drains may experience water or sewage issues and how to fix them below.

When Does Water Come Up in Your Tub?

Does the water come up in the tub when you flush the toilet? Does it also happen when you run water in the sink? If this is happening it is quite likely there is a clog in the mainline. Other times that you may see water bubble up in the shower would be when washing dishes or even doing laundry. If it is happening at any of these times, call us to get exceptional service in a hurry.

Does The Water Coming From Your Shower Drain Have a Bad Odor?

A bad odor in water that comes up your shower drain may indicate the blockage is in the sewer line. We have the equipment and professional manpower to take care of your blockage, no matter where it is in the mainline. We will have some options for running a snake through the lines. Ideally, there will be an outdoor cleanout trap to be used for this purpose. If not, our plumbers can use a vent pipe or even remove the toilet to run the sewer cleanout.

Do You See Water Standing Outside in Your Yard?

An unusual puddle of water standing in your yard could mean that your problem is that your main line is cracked or broken. When dealing with plumbing issues like these, it’s best to seek the help of an expert plumber!

Call us today to schedule a visit from one of our professional plumbers to get your drains cleaned and repaired.

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