According to the CDC, the United States has the safest drinking water in the world. Over 286 million people trust our water systems to bring safe, clean, drinkable water to our homes. But is your tap water good enough for your baby?

Should I Use Distilled or Bottled Water for Formula?

The choice to use distilled or bottled water is a personal, albeit expensive, choice. The Mayo Clinic suggests that you can use any kind of water to prepare your child’s formula, with one exception. Well, water should be tested regularly to prevent any risk of contamination from getting to your child.

While the United States has a sophisticated water treatment system, this system allows for “safe levels” of certain contaminants common in different water sources.

What’s in Your Water?

The EPA has set legal limits on over 90 contaminants commonly found in drinking water. These contaminants can include:

  • Metals – Dissolved particles of iron, copper, or manganese are commonly found in water sources.
  • Arsenic – Found more commonly in private water sources such as wells, arsenic is a known carcinogen that can cause many health problems over time.
  • Lead – More common in older homes, lead can enter the water supply from lead-based pipes that were common as a building material until regulation in 1986.
  • Pesticides and fertilizers – Runoff from crops or gardens can introduce these contaminants to your water supply.

Your local water treatment facility filters out harmful levels of these contaminants, but there’s still a chance of contamination in your home’s water supply. Many homeowners who require cleaner drinking water choose to install a whole-home water filtration system to ensure their drinking water is clear of contaminants.

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