Drains are another thing in the house that need regular maintenance. If the homeowner puts drain maintenance to the side, then the homeowner can face some major issues with their plumbing system. We hear all of the time from homeowners that they did not believe an unclean drain could cause so much damage. Here is a list of why it is important to have clean drains at all times.

Inability To Function

Major clogs in a drain are ultimately the cause of not cleaning them. Clogs will pool water into sinks or tubs or make it difficult to flush the toilet. This will make activities like washing the dishes or one’s hands, taking a bath or shower, and going to the bathroom impossible.

Odor Accumulation

As substances gather in a shower, toilet, or sink drain, the organic and chemical breakdown of those substances will emit a foul odor. Even if the flow of the drain is decent, the materials lining the walls of the drain can create an uncomfortable environment in the kitchen or bathroom.

Unsanitary Conditions

With little to no water draining out, bacteria and mold can thrive around or near the drain. In addition, insects, like gnats, will gravitate toward these pools of water to reproduce. The end result will be a clogged drain filled with microscopic and insect pests.

Social Costs

As previously stated, these unclean drains will make it difficult to use the sink, shower, or toilet. This not only is an unacceptable way to live, but it is also embarrassing if friends or family visit the home.

Major Damage

If the clogs are left alone, then there is a chance of a major disaster in the future. Clogs may accumulate deep in the plumbing system, making the drainage problems even harder to solve. In the worst-case scenario, the clogs can cause such a back-up that it could rupture the pipes or cause sewer water to back up in the tub, sink, or toilet.


We are here to help all homeowners with their drain issues. We know and understand the importance of clean drains and will help to thoroughly clean these drains and offer advice to the homeowners.

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