While some plumbing repairs are fairly simple, there are a few that should be left to professionals because they could potentially cost you a lot of money if done incorrectly. These include:

Forgetting to Drain Water Heater

A water heater should have two or three gallons of water drained out of it every two months during the first year after it’s installed and every six months thereafter. This will extend its life considerably.

Using a Wooden Toothpick to Clean Out Burner Ports

Debris that’s trapped in the gas burner ports of a water heater should be removed with a needle, an unbent paper clip, or something else that won’t break. A toothpick can break off in the portholes and the homeowner might eventually need to call a professional plumber if they can’t get it out.

Using the Wrong Pipes for a Fresh Water DWV Line

Not all pipes are the same. Some pipes can be used for both hot and cold water lines. Some pipes can only be used for cold water lines and still, others are only used for drain-waste-vent lines. The homeowner should learn which is which.

Using Drain Cleaner on a Completely Stopped Up Drain

If a drain refuses to clear even after drain cleaner is poured into it the trap might have to be eventually taken apart. In that case, the homeowner risks being burned by caustic water. Homeowners shouldn’t pour drain cleaner into a hopelessly clogged sink or tub.

Overtightening Nuts and Bolts

Drain fixtures are easy to crack and the fittings around them should be tightened carefully. Fixtures should be at first tightened by hand, then a wrench can be carefully used. A screwdriver should be used carefully to tighten or retighten smaller bolts.
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