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Are Bath Bombs Bad For My Plumbing?

Few things sound better than sinking into a steaming bath at the end of a long day. #SelfCareSundays as a concept were built around aesthetically-driven rituals of pampering with bath bombs as the centerpiece attraction. According to The New York Times, sales of bath bombs from the popular brand Lush have, “roughly doubled in the last three years, from just over eight million bath bombs to more than 15.6 million in 2018.”

With an increased focus on baths as a form of relaxation, bath bombs sales have skyrocketed in the United States. These fizzy, colorful products bring soothing scents and essential oils to bathtime—decorative ingredients such as flower petals, confetti, and other particles add even more festive flair.

Are Bath Bombs Harmful?

Bath bombs aren’t harmful to humans in any way, but your plumbing tells a different story. Over time, bath bombs can create clogs and prevent water from draining out of your tub. Why?

Bath bombs are filled with heavy perfumes and oils. If the oil used is liquid at room temperature, you don’t have much to worry about. However, bath bombs are often made with oils that solidify at room temperature (this is how they can keep their shape). These oils dissolve in the hot bathwater, but they can solidify again once they go down your drain and reach cooler temperatures.

More extravagant bath bombs may have extra ingredients for aesthetic purposes. Flower petals, confetti, glitter, and other solid particles could get stuck in the heavy oils or other substances and create blockages in your plumbing.

Can I Protect My Plumbing From Bath Bombs?

Yes! While avid bath-lovers may be dismayed to learn about the damage bath bombs can cause to their plumbing systems, rest assured there are steps you can take to continue your self-care regimen and protect your plumbing.

DIY a Bath Bomb Holder

If you’re using a bath bomb with solid particles, use a holder to catch any petals, herbs, or other decorative ingredients. Cut the bottom off a pair of nylon stockings to create a bath bomb holder! Place the bath bomb inside the stocking and close off the top with a rubber band or hair tie, then use your bath bombs as normal. The nylon will prevent any pieces of the bath bomb from falling down your drains when you empty the tub.

Hire Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Slow drains may indicate you have an issue already, and the additional stress bath bombs could cause to your plumbing may clog your drain entirely. Other telltale signs of drain issues are recurring or frequent clogs. If you notice either of these, the best thing to do is to call the professional plumbers at S & D Plumbing. Whether you are dealing with an emergency situation, or you would like to have a plumber out to address a minor issue before it worsens, you can always count on our skilled team.

We can instruct you on the best ways to avoid clogs, address your current drain issues, and help you avoid future problems with your home pipes. Our friendly and respectful Austin plumbers get in, get the job done, and get you back to your life. Schedule an appointment online or by phone!

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