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10 Benefits Of An Advanced Water Filtration System

What’s in Your Drinking Water?

At least chlorine, that’s a certainty.

Before your drinking water reaches your sink, it is extensively treated for harmful bacteria, harmful impurities, and distasteful intruders.

Unquestionably, the US has the safest water in the world. However safe, there are still many of us who would rather not consume so many chemicals with our iced tea or after a long run.

The best way you have of limit the chemicals you imbibe with a tall glass of water is to install a filtration system. Your water is already safe, but why not make it both safer and more delicious by taking that next step? Here are ten very good reasons to add a water filtration system to your Austin home:

1. Chlorine

All communities use chlorine to kill dangerous microbes. This is sensible and appropriate. Before chlorination, people died in large numbers from contaminated water. Though the analysis of the long-term effects of chlorine on the human system is not fully understood, many people prefer not to take the chance and remove chlorine with a filtration system.

2. Overlooked Microbes

Our water treatment facilitates do an excellent job of preparing water safe for us to drink. They apply chemical treatments for as many known microbes as possible and add chlorine for anything they missed.

However, between your sink and the treatment facility, there is a long expanse of piping. Additionally, surprise microorganisms may enter the water at any point along this route into your home. Adding a home filtration system can take up where your public filtration left off.

3. Lead

Ever hear of a lead pipe cinch? It’s a phrase used to identify a situation that is guaranteed. Well, it is nearly a lead pipe cinch that there is lead leaching into your water from the piping along the route from filtration to your Austin home. Filter out this harmful intruder with your own filtration system.

4. Fellow Travelers

Not only does lead enter the water on the path to your drinking glass, but additional impurities from the ground and pipes also make an unwanted appearance. Remove as many of these uninvited visitors to your home with a home filtration system.

5. Healthy Minerals Retained

Your home filtration system removes unhealthy or potentially damaging contaminants while retaining the healthy minerals your body craves.

6. Excellent Preservative of Your Home’s Pipes and Fittings

Though the water entering your home may have attracted or acquired unwelcome hitchhikers, your filtration system stops them before they can progress through your entire plumbing system, spreading contaminants the length and breadth of your water system.

7. Brain Protection

Though lead is not healthy for any of us to ingest, the biggest threat is to the developing brains of the very young. Filtering out any acquired lead helps ensure that your children are safe from lead contaminants that kill or damage brain cells. Again, the water that reaches your exact house may not contain large amounts of lead, but how much of a chance do any of us want to take with the future intellectual abilities of our children?

8. Benefits in the Shower

We don’t drink much of the water that emerges from the shower, but any unwelcome additions to our water travel into our homes and out our showerheads as much as our faucets. Protect your investment in piping and fittings by keeping these destructive elements from your shower head as well as from your faucets.

9. Shower Clean

We all love a wonderful, fresh, warm shower. However, if the water coming from the showerhead is filled with microbes that threaten your health, is that shower as clean as it can be? If you want to stop washing your hair and body with the microbes that entered your water between the treatment facility and your Austin home, filter it.

10. Do You Love the Freshness and Purity of Bottled Water?

Save money and the planet by producing your very own pure water through a home filtration system. No more plastic bottles all over the house waiting for recycling day! No more water budget at the grocery store! Just pure, refreshing water right from the tap every time, ready on demand.

You care about your health. You examine your diet and work to eliminate unhealthy foods. You exercise your body to keep it in shape for the challenges of today and to create a better tomorrow. Our bodies are 60% water; our blood is 92% water; our brain and muscles are 75% water. Maybe water filter installation can make that water of the highest quality you can provide?

Look into house water filter installation. Weigh the benefits against the modest cost; taste the difference between unfiltered and filtered water. Imagine the effects of that improved water in all your cooking needs. Consider coffee and tea made from superior filtered water. Consider how many of your recipes include water and how much better they would taste using filtered water.

And consider the impurities you miss by adding filtration. It’s worth the research. We need water to live, why not make that foundational water of the best and highest quality it can be?

Call S & D Plumbing today and get the best experts to purify your water system in your Austin, TX home.

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