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Challenges Of Maintaining A Toilet

If there is one thing in a home that nobody wants to see the breakdown, it’s the toilet. Guaranteed to bring with it a high level of inconvenience, a malfunctioning toilet can be the result of numerous issues.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that using and maintaining a toilet is a challenge that takes diligence and at times determination to keep everything running smoothly.

If you need to know how to keep your Austin toilet in great working order, here are some helpful tips.

Leaky Seals

If the toilet has seals that are broken, the result can be everything from a wet and rotting floor to a sudden stream of water shooting out between the tank and bowl with every flush.

To maintain a toilet’s seals and ensure none of these scenarios happen, it’s good to have the seals professionally checked by a licensed plumber.

In many cases, toilets that have been installed by someone other than a plumber tend to have issues with their seals.

If leaky seals are left un-repaired, not only will much water be wasted, but extensive damage to the floor below can be done. If this happens, many more repairs will need to be done in addition to the toilet.

Clogged Air Holes

Located under the inside rim of the toilet bowl, these holes help the toilet flush quickly and efficiently. However, from time to time these holes may become clogged due to hard water deposits or other debris. When this happens, the toilet will eventually have a very weak flush.

While some people choose to clear these holes on their own, it’s best to let a plumber handle the job. Otherwise, additional damage could be done to the toilet, resulting in an even higher repair bill.

Phantom Flush

Sounding like something out of a horror movie, the phantom flush occurs when the toilet starts to refill on its own as if someone had flushed it.

However, this is caused by a slow leak from the tank into the bowl. When this happens, the cause is usually a flapper that is worn or damaged.

By fixing the flapper and making sure it is working properly, phantom flushes can be a thing of the past.

These repairs are often best handled by a plumber in your Austin area since if it is not done properly can cause additional leakages as well as other issues that will result in high repair bills.

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