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Copper Vs PEX Piping For Your Cedar Park Home

Choosing a piping material for your Cedar Park home can be overwhelming. As a homeowner, many factors are up for consideration and much of it depends on the ultimate location and purpose of the piping. Nevertheless, any homeowner wants to ensure they are making a wise investment when it comes to important areas such as plumbing.

That being said, two of the best choices are copper and PEX piping and with some background information, anyone can make the right decision for their home or application. if in doubt ask a professional licensed plumber.

Let’s start off by introducing the two types of piping mentioned. PEX (short for cross-linked polyethylene) is basically a type of plastic with cross-linked bonds added to the structure during the extrusion process. Copper piping is exactly what its name suggests-piping made out of copper. The copper is melted down and cast into piping. The difference between these two piping choices virtually boils down to the differences in how they are made.

It is important to begin by saying that both PEX piping and copper piping are excellent choices for virtually any home and are both considerably easy to install. They are both flexible making the installation process easy since they can be accommodated to fit almost any space or configuration.

PEX piping in particular is not only flexible but can withstand great variations in temperature. Because PEX carries properties of plastic it is able to expand and contract as the temperatures shift making it a sensible option for most household uses. It is unable to corrode, lasts a long time, and is often cheaper than the alternative. Two major drawbacks with PEX piping are that it is susceptible to ultraviolet degradation and possible water contamination either from outside water or piping material. Although the last point is still being researched the risk factor exists.

Copper on the other hand is durable and bio-static making it resistant to the growth of bacteria. It is also not affected by ultraviolet rays making it suitable for outside use. Furthermore, it resists corrosion and is recyclable. The major drawbacks with copper are that it can be expensive and the pipes are susceptible to bursting with extreme temperature changes.

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