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How Low Flow Fixtures Can Help You Save On Water

Every time you flush the toilet, brush your teeth or take a shower, you are wasting one of the most precious resources of all – water!

As professional plumbers, we can help you take inventory of your bathroom in order to install fixtures and appliances that will not only help you save water, in many cases by as much as 50% but also help save money.

Low Flow Toilets

If your home still features an older conventional toilet that was installed decades ago, did you know that every flush can use as much as 7 gallons of water?

By having a plumber install an energy-efficient low-flow toilet model, you will be slashing your water usage with each flush to only 1.6 gallons, a savings of more than 5 gallons per flush.

Every member of your family flushes an average of five times every day, meaning that installing a low-flow toilet can save you 25 gallons of water per household resident daily, which really adds up.

Low Flow Shower Heads

Taking a shower rather than a bath is already a very smart water conservation effort since a bath can take as much as 50 gallons of water versus only 25 for a shower. Old fashioned shower heads release as much as 5 gallons of water for every minute you spend in the shower.

By investing in a low-flow showerhead, you can reduce your water usage in the shower stall by as much as one-half that amount. We can help you find the right low-flow showerhead to fit your family’s needs and have it installed in no time at all so you can start conserving water.

Water Saving Faucets

At the bathroom sink, remember to turn off the water while you brush, then resume the flow for rinsing. An additional water conservation method is to get low-flow faucet aerators installed in every sink in every bathroom in your house.

If your bathroom faucets are the older, conventional type, water is flowing out at the rate of 3 gallons per minute.

But with low flow faucets installed, you can still cut the amount of water flowing down the drain in half, with a flow of only 1.5 gallons per minute.

Having a plumber fix leaky faucets is also an excellent investment because just one dripping faucet can cause your water meter to add 20 wasted gallons of water daily!

Don’t delay. Call S & D Plumbing to save money and lower the carbon footprint of your Austin home without changing your busy lifestyle.

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