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Tips On Properly Maintaining Your Drains

Keeping your drains clog-free is often a daunting task considering all of the potential opportunities for them to get clogged. We shower and use kitchen and bathroom sinks constantly and many times, inappropriately. Tips for maintaining your drains fall under proper usage that minimizes the risk of it getting clogged and routine cleaning. Hair and soap are common culprits for clogs in the bathtub and food particles are often to blame in the kitchen sink. Natural stray hair loss is typical while shampooing in the shower and a minimal amount can clog the drain. The actual amount of food that actually goes down the drain while washing dishes often goes unnoticed and pouring grease in the sink can be especially troubling.

One of the biggest broad tips you could receive about properly maintaining your drains is to control what goes into them. It really helps your shower and tub drain a great deal if you simply brush your hair before you shower. A preliminary brush before the shampoo in the shower can help reduce stray hairs that may go down the drain. Avoiding chunks of soap going down the tub and bathroom sink drain is another great tip. In the kitchen, grease should be saved and discarded separately from other liquids that are poured down the kitchen sink. Properly emptying dirty dishes and coffee grounds in the trash and not rinsing dishes in the sink that are excessively dirty will help maintain the kitchen drain as well.

Utilizing a mesh screen or perforated drain plug works wonders to reduce foreign debris from going down your drain. A smaller mesh screen is very effective for smaller particles and a sink stopper that twists to have drainage holes more efficiently stops bigger food particles. These items also help reduce soap scum, which also contributes to drainage clogs and problems. Ensuring the mesh screen is the perfect size and diameter is also important to ensure the barrier is not breached.

Cleaning maintenance includes pouring concoctions of baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar down the drain every couple of months and necessary usage of liquid soap scum remover and liquid clog removers. And remember, once you do have a serious clog you should seek the services of a professional plumber.

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