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Unusual and Loud Plumbing Noises and Their Causes

technician tightening water pipe It’s normal to hear the rush of water after turning on a faucet or flushing your toilet. However, a loud or noisy plumbing system isn’t normal. A loud plumbing system can be annoying, and it signifies a series of problems that require a certified plumber to fix.

Unfortunately, ignoring noisy or loud pipes can escalate into significant plumbing issues. If you have been wondering why your plumbing is noisy, here are unusual plumbing sounds and their possible reasons.

Banging Noises

Usually, if you hear banging noises from your home’s plumbing, it could indicate water flow or pressure issues. Water hammers and trapped air bubblers are common reasons for banging plumbing. When a valve or faucet shuts off, it suddenly stops the fluid motion, causing a water hammer. When the water momentum suddenly stops, it creates a pressure wave that causes a loud bang in your plumbing system. You may also notice a series of smaller bangs in the piping system.

Another common causes of banging noises in the piping system is trapped air in the water line. If you notice a banging sound immediately after turning on a faucet, trapped air could be the cause. Since there are several other reasons for banging plumbing noises, it’s advisable to hire a professional plumber to inspect and fix the issue.

Gurgling Sounds

If you hear gurgling sounds from your plumbing system, they probably originate from the drains. The noise often comes from clogged drains when water fails to drain correctly. Drains block from the accumulation of soap scum, grease, or hair, which can happen over time or suddenly. You need professional drain cleaning if you hear loud gurgling sounds from your plumbing. It’s wise to avoid using chemical drain cleaners because they contain harsh chemicals that eventually damage your plumbing system. At S & D Plumbing, we provide practical solutions for clogged drains to prevent recurring clogs and protect your drains from damage.

Rattling Noises

Water pipes that vibrate inside walls can cause a rattling sound. That often happens when plumbing system components become loose or there’s high water pressure. Water pipes start vibrating when turning on appliances or faucets, causing a loud rattling noise. Since the water pressure might be too high, it can damage appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and other plumbing system components. You can install water pressure regulators to protect your appliances and plumbing system. Re-securing pipes can also help reduce rattling noise and protect water pipe joints from damage. Call for professional assistance as soon as you notice a rattling noise from your plumbing. A certified plumber will diagnose the cause of the rattling and fix it.

Creaking Noises

Another common cause of a loud plumbing system is copper pipes. You may often notice a creaking noise when you turn on hot water, and the copper pipes expand when the hot water travels through. The thermal expansion and contraction generate a movement that could force the copper pipes to scrape against the floor, wall studs, or other elements. Creaking sounds are often a sign of improper copper pipe insulation. If the creaking noise becomes annoying, you can manage the loud noise by reducing the metal expansion. You can do this by lowering the hot water temperature. You can also insulate the copper pipework with foam rubber to reduce friction against joints or brackets. However, if the noise is too loud, consider calling an expert to insulate inaccessible areas like drywall.

Squeaking Noise

Are you wondering why your home’s plumbing makes loud squealing noises? Dirty, loose, or damaged plumbing components, such as aerators or washers, are often the culprits. You might notice that the squeaking noise is confined to a plumbing area or fixture if dirty or loose components are to blame. Repairing or replacing the component can help stop the noise. Water pressure issues can also cause a squealing noise, especially if it’s noticeable throughout your home. Water pressure buildup narrows water space, causing the squealing sound as water tries to squeeze and flow through the pipes. Over the years, your plumbing system eventually undergoes wear and tear, causing a squeaking noise. The situation needs an experienced plumber to diagnose and fix this annoying and loud plumbing noise.

Whistling Noises

Your plumbing system is made up of components, such as vent and water pipes, to make appliances and fixtures function correctly. Worn-out parts can cause whistling noises, especially when using specific sections of the plumbing system. Faulty water meters, the buildup of mineral deposits, or ineffective water pressure are other causes of loud whistling noise. A ticking sound inside walls can indicate pipe leaks. The best solution is to hire a professional plumbing expert to inspect your system, diagnose the cause of the whistling noises, and repair or replace worn-out components.

Dripping Noise

A recurring or constant dripping noise from your plumbing pipes can be frustrating. It can be challenging to troubleshoot the cause of a dropping plumbing noise unless you get professional help. However, the sound often indicates a plumbing leak that can ultimately be costly because the leaking pipe or faucet wastes a lot of water. The accumulation of mineral deposits on your faucets and pipes can cause leaks, explaining the dripping noise. Your plumber might replace the faulty seal or the entire faucet to combat the dripping sound.

Slow drains can also cause a dripping noise in your plumbing. For instance, clogged shower drains catch water and slow the removal rate, forcing it to drip instead of flowing. Cracked pipes behind the walls are another common cause of a dripping noise. Unfortunately, this culprit can cause structural damage and increase your water bill if you don’t address it promptly. Toilet tank issues can make a functional toilet produce dripping sounds. If the dripping noise seems to originate from your bathroom, toilet tank issues could be the culprit. You need a plumber to inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem.

Is a Loud Plumbing Dangerous?

Any loud or unusual noise should be a concern because it indicates an underlying problem with your plumbing issue. Pipe leaks ultimately waste gallons of water, increasing water bills. Similarly, water pressure issues can damage your washing machine or dishwasher. Therefore, you should address a loud plumbing system early enough to prevent plumbing or water damage to your home.

The best solution is to hire a licensed and experienced plumbing professional to inspect the system whenever you hear strange noises from pipes or plumbing fixtures. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can prevent most causes of a loud plumbing system. Hire a plumber to check your plumbing regularly and fix issues that can easily cause loud and strange plumbing noises.

If these sounds are familiar, talk to our plumbing experts to diagnose and fix the underlying issue. We have a team of experienced and trained experts to provide water filtration, water softener, and garbage disposal services. We are committed to providing affordable, personalized hydro jetting and leak detection services to Austin residents. Contact S & D Plumbing, and our friendly staff will schedule an appointment. Our plumbers will be happy to take a look at your plumbing issue!

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