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What Are The Top 10 Reasons Why A Toilet Clogs?

Maintaining a home is often troublesome, and one of the main areas of concern is the toilet.

Because it is out of sight, it is difficult to diagnose a reason for the blockage.

Below are the ten most common reasons for a toilet to be clogged, from the very obvious to the commonly overlooked.

1. Large Item Blockage

It goes without saying that an item large enough to fit down the drainage but not large enough to clear the main curves could be at fault. Children have a tendency to drop wrappers, pencils, crayons, and other items down the toilet.

2. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper can actually get stuck to the side of a pipe or caught awkwardly in the plumbing. In short, try to throw away tissue paper as opposed to flushing it.

3. Air Vents

If the air vents are blocked in any way, the water will not properly flow. This is known as rapid water discharge. Enough acceleration needs to be obtained to get the water flowing down and through the system. Replace the air vent to promote healthy plumbing.

4. Up Clogs Close to Drain

When the drain is located closer to the upturn of the pipe, it can increase the potential for blockage. Sometimes by moving this back with a pipe extension, it can limit this build-up in the most common area for blockage.

5. Improper Flange

The flange is a cap filter that controls water flow. If it is installed properly or dislodged, it will cause a very slow drainage. This, in turn, accelerates blockage when items are caught early in the piping.

6. Mineralization

All the proper procedures could be done with every person in the family, and yet the toilet gets blocked. This is likely due to mineralization. This is the build up of minerals that attach to the side of the drain. The most common is calcium, which often derives directly from the piping itself.

7. Root Growth

It is certainly not the most common issue, but roots may grow into the piping. Particularly woodsy areas or older homes may be vulnerable to roots that crack the piping deep down.

8. Poor Renovation

A renovation involving the plumbing could be at fault for consistent blockage. If the pipes were not realigned or installed properly, the issue could become quite expensive.

9. Old or Bad Fitting Flush

The flusher is not universal. It needs to match the make of the toilet. This could be the root of a weak flush, subsequently promoting blockage.

10. Hard Water

Hard water can actually build up and cause severe issues. Because of the high concentrations of magnesium and calcium, hard water can become as durable as concrete, especially in toilets not used often.

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