Many customers ask me about which is the best all-around disposal unit, though they usually ask about the noises disposals make. After a few years of use, disposals tend to become really loud, making banging or rattling noises that can make it scary and embarrassing to turn on.

Today I’ve brought in two different popular units to talk about the standard unit most people use compared to one designed specifically to be long-lasting and quiet.

The first is the standard Badger 5 disposal. This is a single-stage grinding unit, which won’t, unfortunately, be the quietest. Along with its single-stage grinding, it also has galvanized components and a two-year warranty. If you’re just looking to get by with a quality product, then the Badger 5 is a great option.

” The Next Time You’re In The Market For A Disposal, I’d Definitely Recommend The InSinkErator Evolution.”

The other unit I have brought is one I have in my own home: the ¾-horsepower InSinkErator Evolution. The difference in insulation coating alone is huge. When you flip the switch on this unit, you’ll barely even hear it running.

There are a couple of benefits to Evolution. It has multi-stage grinding, meaning it has two grinding blades, whereas the standard Badger has just one. The components are stainless steel, meaning the unit won’t rust. It also comes with a four-year in-home warranty.

The next time you’re in the market for disposal, I’d definitely recommend the InSinkErator Evolution. If you have any questions about disposals or other plumbing-related topics, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to help.

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