Behind heating and cooling, hot water heaters represent the second-largest energy drain in the home. For this reason, energy efficiency matters.

What follows is an examination of a few of the new types of highly-efficient hot water heaters now on the market.

You are encouraged to use these materials as a guide to becoming better informed about hot water heaters when the time comes for you to replace a failing unit.

Traditional Tank-Type Hot Water Systems

Conventional water heaters (storage water heaters) are the most common type of water heater.

If you live in something other than a new construction home, this is likely the type of hot water heater you have now.

These types of systems are long-lasting but are far from the most efficient types because they keep a very large tank of water at the temperature at all times regardless of whether or not hot water is being used.

Tankless Water Heaters

Also known as “on-demand” water heaters, tankless systems save the homeowner energy and money because water is never reheated or stored.

On-demand hot water technology relies upon heat exchangers that switch on by means of electronic ignition. Tankless technology hot water systems may cost more to install, but the energy savings they generate will pay you back across time.

Electric Heat Pump Systems

Electric heat pump water heaters cost significantly more to initially install, but they save the homeowner the most money over time.

They are energy efficient because they don’t require gas or electricity to bring water to temperature. They only use energy to circulate the water.

Heat pump water heaters use heat taken from the air, ground, or the outside environment to heat up the water.

This type of water heater provides the added benefit of cooling and dehumidifying the air inside your Austin house as it draws way heat from interior spaces to make hot water.

Electric heat pump systems can be used as stand-alone hot water heaters or as add-ons to existing systems.

To understand how long it will take you to recoup your Austin investment in a premium hot water system, simply divide the additional cost of the energy-savings package you want by the estimated yearly savings in dollars. The result is the number of years it will take you to pay yourself back.

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