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How Hard Water Affects Your Austin Home

Limescale buildup on shower from hard water

Hard water is something that can negatively impact your home’s plumbing. While hard water is an issue across the United States, it’s especially common throughout central Texas. With an average of over 200 parts per million of hardness, Texas has the sixth-hardest water in the nation, with Austin’s water falling just below this average at 184 PPM. Because of the effects of hard water, more and more Austin homeowners are turning to water softeners for cleaner dishes, softer skin, and healthier pipes. 

What Is Hard Water & How Does It Affect Me?

Hard water has an unusually high amount of minerals, often calcium and magnesium, that accumulate in your water. While the excess minerals aren’t detrimental to your health, they can create issues. Hard water often results in stains and stubborn water spots, making it difficult to clean dishes, showers, and more. It’s also not as gentle on your laundry and equally hard on your skin and hair.

In addition, hard water can result in issues with your pipes and appliances as the mineral buildup impacts their efficiency and creates clogs. 

How To Improve Your Austin Home’s Water Quality

The best way to combat hard water in your Austin home is by installing a water softener. This system removes the “hard” minerals from your water supply. When hard water enters your home, it enters the softener tank, which uses resin beads to remove calcium, magnesium, and more and then distributes the soft water throughout your home. 

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

The benefits of a water softener are significant. These systems help to ensure that your plumbing stays in excellent condition and helps you maintain a cleaner home. Specific benefits include:

  • Reduction of hard water spots and stains
  • Softer and healthier skin and hair
  • More vibrant clothing
  • Less need for soap and detergent for soft laundry
  • Extended life span of your pipes and appliances

Schedule Water Softener Installation for Your Austin Home

If you’re ready to say goodbye to hard water, trust the team at S & D Plumbing for superior water softener installation for your Austin home. Our highly trained, licensed, and insured technicians have the tools and experience to ensure that your new water softener is operating at peak performance so that you get maximum results. Plus, with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that you’ll love your new water-softening system.

To schedule water softener installation in Austin, call S & D today at 512-365-8866.

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