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3 Main Water Heater Regulations

Why are Water Heaters Regulated?

Many don’t realize that water heaters are regulated, and they also must have a permit to install them and to even fix them in most cases.

Although plumbers are well trained to fix water heaters, it still doesn’t mean they can simply work on one or install one because they are licensed plumbers.

Federal, as well as some state regulations, will dictate who can install water heaters as well as where and how one can be installed and what kind can be installed.

Since water heaters can emit gasses into the air, as well as cause potentially deadly problems for those in the Austin home, these systems are regulated for the safety of everyone who comes in contact with them.

3 Regulations You Need to Know About

Location- It’s highly unlikely that you’ve ever walked into a bedroom and seen a water heater.

Water heaters have to have approved locations that they can be installed in, and this is mostly for the safety of those in the Austin home, especially if they have a water heater that is run by gas.

Unless a location is approved for the installation of a water heater, then the water heater cannot be installed.

Energy Efficiency- This is the most important regulation to know about because it’s changed recently. In April 2015, the federal standards for energy efficiency in water heaters have changed, and this means that you may end up spending more on a new water heater, especially since it’s more energy efficient and likely to be larger in size.

Although the costs of water heaters may go up because of these new standards, your water heating bills should go down, which is a great benefit.

Pans/Drains- Although these are not always required, in certain places they are required, and it’s understandable why this case.

Installing a drip pan along with a drain line can help to prevent water damage from leaks that occur in the water heater, so you won’t have this issue if you simply get these things installed.

Call a Plumber

Make sure you understand that it’s your plumber who has to repair any problems that you have with your water heater. It’s always good to work with a specific plumber and know what to look for in case your water heater starts acting up, especially if it becomes a dangerous situation.

Any hold-ups regarding your Austin, TX water heater? Call S & D Plumbing today for any of your repair or maintenance requests.

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