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Softening Your Water

Whether we are drinking it, bathing in it, or using it to wash our clothes, no one wants contaminated water. That is why S & D Plumbing offers Austin the best in water softener installations. What is a water softener? Water comes from deep within the ground, and as it channels it picks up various unwanted contaminants. Two minerals found within the earth that get into our water are calcium and magnesium, which causes our water to become hard. When showering or doing the laundry, hard water leaves behind dissolved mineral and soap deposits These deposits can get on clothes and turn whites an off-color. It also collects in tubs and toilets turning them a bright orange-red color. If you are looking for a knowledgeable Austin plumber that specializes in water softener installation, S & D Plumbing is awaiting your call.

A water softener installation from S & D Plumbing removes harsh chemicals and replaces calcium and magnesium with sodium, which is called ion exchange. A water softener has a mineral tank, which contains beads made of polystyrene. These beads have a negative charge and are known as resin. Because the chemicals found in the earth have a positive charge, they naturally cling to the resin. The resin found in your water softener then removes the chemicals from the water, passing them through the mineral tank.

A brine solution is flushed into the water softener periodically from a separate tank, cleaning the saturated beads and driving harsh chemicals out of your water softener system. Salt is used to create this brine solution, which is why large bags of it are needed for proper operation. In regular operation, the hard water transfers into the mineral tank, and the minerals found without the earth’s ions connect to the beads, creating sodium ions. The sodium ions then transfer to the water. After the ion beads are soaked with calcium and magnesium, the water softener goes into a three-phase rejuvenating cycle, which properly cleans the system and leaves your water clean and chemical-free. A water softener installation from S & D Plumbing will save you time, money, and unnecessary frustration.

Call S & D Plumbing for the fastest and most efficient water softener installation in Austin, Texas.

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