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What Plumbing Issues are Covered by Home Insurance?


Before paying for a home insurance plan, homeowners want to know what’s covered and what’s not. One part of the home every homeowner wants covered by the home insurance plan is the plumbing unit. Repairing plumbing problems is costly and leaving them unattended is not an option. Water damage, faulty sump pumps, and plumbing electrical faults can add up, and homeowners may not always have an exclusive budget. So, do home insurance plans cover plumbing issues? Home insurance plans cover plumbing issues but not all of them.

Are Plumbing Issues Covered by Home Insurance

Your home insurance plan only comes in handy when the plumbing-related issues are accidental and unexpected. The home insurance plan may cover the losses incurred when plumbing problems cause damage to your electronics, walls, furnishings, floors, and carpets. In such cases, the homeowner insurance policy will also cover the cleanup costs for mildew and mold.

If the damages in question were caused by a third-party, such as a plumbing contractor or neighbor, your insurance wouldn’t cover it. However, if the neighbor or plumbing contractor has secured a home insurance policy, it can be used to pay for the repair costs. However, the claim process takes longer when a third party is involved, so you might have to use money out of your pocket to pay for the repairs and be reimbursed later.

When Does Home Insurance Not Cover Plumbing Issues?

To determine if your plumbing issue is covered by your home insurance policy, insurance providers explore a variety of factors. You do not automatically qualify for coverage because you filed an insurance claim. If your plumbing-related home insurance claim falls in the following category, you have limited chances of getting compensated.

Plumbing Issues Caused by Lack of Maintenance

Water damages resulting from poorly maintained and worn-out plumbing fixtures are considered negligence. The home insurance plan doesn’t cover any negligence-related plumbing issues. Failing to schedule regular repairs and maintenance services means you may not get compensated when your home suffers extensive and costly water damage. Have your plumbing system checked and repaired regularly to avoid such unfortunate happenings.

Sewage Backup

The home insurance policy won’t cover backed-up sewage systems regardless of how messy the situation looks. However, it will cover a leaking toilet and drain-related issues. In other words, the sewage systems aren’t considered part of your home, and no insurance company will take responsibility for problems affecting the sewage system. But, the good news is that many insurance companies offer exclusive coverage plans for water and sewer backups.

Mold-Related Damage

The home insurance policy won’t cover damages caused by mold growth in your home. However, most insurance providers offer mold damage protection to a certain extent. You might get compensated for mold damages if the issue was triggered by unavoidable water leaks and extreme humidity levels in your home. It’s fundamental to read and understand the terms and conditions of your home insurance policy to know what you can expect in terms of coverage if you have mold-related damage.

Old and Damaged Plumbing System

You shouldn’t expect coverage from your insurance company if your property suffers damage triggered by an old and damaged plumbing system. In other words, if your plumbing unit has served you for over a decade and it has started showing corrosion, aging, wear, and rust signs, but you have failed to have it repaired or replaced, damages that ultimately occur won’t be covered by the home insurance policy.

Flood-Related Damages

Lastly, you can’t claim compensation from your home insurance company if the issue is flood-related. Water damage and floods are two different things, and homeowners should understand that they won’t get compensation for flood damages. However, they can get compensation from the flood insurance coverage kit purchasable alongside the home insurance policy. Get your home assessed by the responsible body to know the flood risk for you to know whether to buy the flood insurance policy.

What Costs Can Your Home Insurance Policy Cover?

The home insurance policy covers accidental and expected water damages caused by burst pipes, ruptured water heaters, etc. Water damage does affect other items in your home, but you must understand that not everything will be covered. The following are the most common costs covered by your home insurance plan.

Dwelling coverage: The coverage caters to damages to your home structure and fixtures. If your home has plumbing issues that leave home fixtures, flooring, insulation, ceilings, and cabinets damaged, the dwelling coverage will cater to the related costs.

Personal property coverage: If you lose your precious personal belongings, including luxury items, electronics, and furniture, the coverage under this home insurance policy will cover the damages.

Personal liability: The coverage covers the damages to your neighbor’s property and belongings.

Loss-of-use: The coverage caters to the losses you incur when you’re forced to seek services elsewhere because your property is damaged beyond use.

Other structures: In case other properties that aren’t included in the home insurance plan are affected by the water damage, this coverage plan covers the related costs.

How to Prevent Water Damage and Increase Chances of Getting Compensated by Your Home Insurance Company

As a homeowner, you need to stay alert and do everything to keep your plumbing system in shape. Water damages are costly, but they can be avoided. To avoid water damage and increase your chances of getting compensated when your home is damaged by water, do the following:

Upgrade your aged plumbing system: One of the leading causes of water damage is old and poorly conditioned plumbing systems. A plumbing unit aged 10 years is more likely to succumb to pipe bursts and water heater damage. Work with our team at S & D Plumbing to help you size your new plumbing system.

Insulate the plumbing system: One of the best ways to prevent the freezing of pipes in the cold weather and reduce the chances of pipes bursting and causing water damage is by insulating the pipes. Some insulators are made for DIY installation, but others need to be installed by a professional plumbing technician.

Prepare your home for the cold weather: Winter is the most common time of the year when homeowners are dealing with water damage. Prepare your system for the winter weather by turning off the water taps and draining all the pipes whenever the water is off. You must also open all the drain valves and drain the water heaters.

How We Can Help

For solutions to plumbing-related issues, talk with plumbing technicians at S & D Plumbing. We’re a top-tier, family-owned plumbing company that has served customers in Austin, TX and its surrounding areas for over 40 years. Our team is talented and experienced enough to handle all plumbing-related issues, including the repair and servicing of piping, fixtures, and water heaters. You can trust us to professionally upgrade and replace your old plumbing systems.

We handle problems related to stoppages, water leaks, and slow drains and are fully equipped to address all plumbing emergencies whenever you reach out to us. With us, you can always expect unequaled workmanship and excellent services to match your unique plumbing repair and installation needs. We offer free quotes and affordable pricing to every one of our customers. Call us today for more details!

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