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Why Is The Water From Your Faucet Discolored?

If you live in an older home and see confusing shades of water coming from the faucet, it could be caused by plumbing that is old and has served its time. Healthy water is clear. Tinted water is a result of different problems that can be managed. In fact, there are reasons that exist for the top three questionable colors.

1. Yellow or Brown Water

Galvanized water pipes exist in many older homes. They are produced by adding a layer of zinc over iron or steel, and over time, the outer covering eventually wears away. This process makes the remaining layer susceptible to rust-forming materials inside the pipes.

When the rusty plaque drops into the water, it dissolves and causes a brown tint in the water. It’s time to call in a professional and have the pipes replaced.

Yellow water may also be the result of a type of harmless iron bacteria that lives inside the pipe, or the main distribution plant could be replacing or repairing pipes. Temporary maintenance work means the clear water will soon return after some flushing.

2. Blue-Green Water

Copper water lines with brass fittings can cause green-tinted water. In large amounts, copper is harmful to humans. Copper poisoning causes gastrointestinal concerns; moreover, kidney and liver damage can develop.

Blue water will have an unpleasant, metallic taste. New homeowners may experience this problem with water that has been allowed to remain undisturbed in pipes before occupation. Green water can also come from an algae problem, and it is easily removed.

Invest in a qualified plumber who will provide a healthy solution with approved materials.

3. Black Water

Mildew can make its home in your water lines and signal the existing presence by producing black water. Charcoal-colored water appears when valves are seldom used and corrosion happens; moreover, certain minerals, like magnesium, can combine with oxygen in your water and turn it black.

Call the Professional Plumbers S & D Plumbing

Now that you know more about what lives in your water lines, calling in a certified plumber for repairs will help ensure a safe drinking water supply for the whole family. You deserve clean water.

If your water is discolored in your Austin, TX home, call S & D Plumbing today, and we’ll solve the problem for you!

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