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Why Won’t My Toilet Refill?

The tank of your toilet holds about 2 gallons of water—the exact amount needed to clear the bowl of waste. The tank should refill after each flush, but as with all mechanical things, malfunctions can occur.

Take the following steps to get your commode in good working order.

The Float Ball Needs to be Adjusted

Your float ball is the most likely problem when your toilet tank won’t refill to the correct level. The float ball connects to a float arm. When you flush your toilet, the float ball drops and lifts the arm so that water can come into the tank to refill it. The float ball drops the arm back in place and blocks the water when it reaches the right height. If your float ball is not adjusted correctly, it can drop the float arm before the tank is full. Readjust the float ball to fix the problem.

Your Water Pressure is Low

You might discover that low water pressure is preventing your tank from filling up, so check your sink and the other water sources in your home for signs of low water pressure. If the problem is only with your tank, the water line leading to your toilet could be rusted or leaking. A qualified plumbing expert can inspect your plumbing system and offer solutions.

The Fill Valve Needs to be Changed

If the float ball isn’t the problem, turn your attention to the fill valve. The fill valve is typically located to the left of the float ball and near the float arm. Use a screwdriver to adjust the fill valve until your tank fills to the right level. You might have to flush your toilet and let it refill a few times until you get it right.

Bottom line: A toilet tank that does not fill properly is an issue you can’t afford to overlook. It prevents you from flushing your toilet and could cost you money if a leak is to blame. Give the simple fixes from this guide a try to see if you can fix the problem on your own.

If these tips don’t work or if you run into problems along the way, contact S & D Plumbing at for guidance or repairs!

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